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emmizaeden replied to your post: I don’t know what should I ask, but… I’d like to know, how you can always be so happy and playful? I mean, don’t you ever have a bad day? *Looking shyly down* Well… I know it was stupid question… Eh…

Oh… I was just wondering… Um… Sorry… Well, maybe you should try to talk to someone, if you feel upset or sad. Just sying… It would be better, than keep all that inside. *Shrugs shoulders*

Meh, it’s alright! It’s not like that shit’s going to effect me in the long run! I just kinda put in in the past. 

Besides, talking to people usually makes things worse. I don’t like gettin’ all emotional in front of my friends…

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Post will be for tomorrow because headache and I’m really tired lately. It really doesn’t matter how much I sleep I just stay tired and I really hate it D8

Also. Testweek over, got almost all my grades back. Now it goes from 1 to 10 here, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest meaning you…

Good job for the majority!! :D

I’m tired of saying I’m sorry guys…


School sucks shit, and I’m falling behind in classes.  These are college level classes and I can’t risk my grades getting any lower, or else I can’t afford college.

I’m so sorry, and I don’t want to say “I’m sorry for not being online” any more.  Ayu and I have neglected this blog so badly, not because we wanted to, or because we didn’t care — but because we couldn’t and there is so much shit going on.  We’re trying to get our teaching certificates, and we’re juggling teaching Elementary students and Special Education students as well~~ Me, personally; I believe I’ve mentioned my family issue which is still going on.  I keep saying that I’m going to try to RP more, and I am, but if you want to, you can go ahead and RP with different people if you’d wish.  I love all of you as RPers and as friends, and when I have more free-time and motivation, I will try to get on this blog, but sometimes I just can’t think up any good RP plots and I feel like a disappointment.

I love you guys, and I’m not leaving; but I am definitely on a mini hiatus at the moment.  Please forgive me for the inactiveness, and (as I said, I don’t want to have to say it over and over again) I’m so sorry. :(

alicemonogatari-deactivated2013 sent: I don't know what should I ask, but... I'd like to know, how you can always be so happy and playful? I mean, don't you ever have a bad day? *Looking shyly down* Well... I know it was stupid question... Eh...

Waddaya mean, girlie?? Of course I have bad days! I just like to keep em to myself!

I mean, when I get upset or sad it hits me hard.  So that’s why I crack jokes all the time!

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It’s raining dogs and cats

Oh gosh

Akamaru, that’s just an expression… right? 

It’s raining me. Hallelujah it’s raining me ~~~~~ Oh yeah!



W-wha.. Maybe you should get dressed before you get ill, Kiba. -eyes widened-

Pssh, I’m not sick babe. I just like to flaunt it!

akamarured sent: God, Kiba. You shouldn't flirt with all those anons when you're obviously in a relationship with Neji. Not cool, bitch.

Ha. The funnier concept is the fact that you’re calling me bitch, bitch

Anonymous sent: Hey I have to do something when I'm ill at home:U. Okay not really ill. Just. I get ill when I go to school and now I actually got ill. Kutleven. (I'm not going to translate that because it's a Dutch thing to insult with body parts or something idk but leven is lifec:)

Aww, I’m sorry babe. I hope you feel better! 

'Ya know, school sucks and all but you've gotta make the best of it! Either way, I'm here for ya sweetheart.

Anonymous sent: Hey. Hey you there. I think you should give Neji some more love. <3

Hey. Hey you there. Shut up. I work at my own pace…