Naruto. No surprise there. He was always texting in class but why now of all times? Kiba read the message as discreetly.

Naruto: Dude, what the hell is going on?

Kiba cocked an eyebrow. 

What the fuck are you talking about?

Naruto: You and Sai! Jesus! Since when the hell do you decide to bang one of my friends and not tell me????

Kiba ducked his head as if everyone in the room had just seen their conversation. What the hell was that idiot blathering about?!?! 

wtf?! dude i am NOT banging SAI of all people!

Kiba clicked send and instantly felt bad about it. But he didn’t have long to dwell on the feeling before he got another text.

Naruto: Ok whatever. I don’t believe you, but I’ll take it for now. Just tell me next time you eye sex up someone I know ya jerk. :/

Kiba promptly clicked out a “Fuck you” and hit send. Asshole. 

On the other side of the school Sai worked with no avail at his exam. Normally his concentration was perfect no matter the situation. But it was perfectly clear there was no way this was going to get done. With the schedule for tomorrow the way it was he’d have plenty of time to make this up. Sighing, he stood and took his paper to Asuma; excusing himself to the office. It took about ten minutes to convince the nurse he was ok to walk home. On his way out of the school he passed by Kakashi’s room. Looking in he saw Kiba. Shaking his head he dismissed the complicated feeling that arose. Maybe when he got home he could go swimming. That could certainly clear his mind. 

In the last fifteen minutes of class, Kiba couldn’t help but stare at the clock.  It ticked away, the intervals between the clicks getting longer and longer.  Kiba remembered his grandmothers’ words, ‘A watched pot never boils’, and turned away from the clock.  He could almost hear the circular demon laughing at his frustration.  Finally, the bell sounded.  Kiba stood from his seat, and rushed out of classroom, receiving another glare from Kakashi.

After pushing through crowds of students, he finally made it to the student parking lot.  Approaching his red moped, he hopped on, inserted the keys, and made his way home.  Kiba rushed inside and threw his bag onto the kitchen table, where he found a note from his mother.  Out to get groceries, be back soon. - Love Mom He sighed, and made his way up stairs.  His sister was in college now, and he had never had a father, so he was home alone.

Entering his messy bedroom, he sat on the edge of his bed, although not before pushing aside piles of weekend clothing that occupied much of the space.  He pulled off his black uniform jacket, and went on to unbutton his white dress shirt.  Although when his index finger met his neck, he felt a shock jolt through his body, and down his trousers.

Not moving his hand from it’s place he saw his door creak open, black hair emerging from around the corner.  Sai stood in front of him, chest exposed to Kiba’s virgin eyes.  His said friend stepped forward, and was soon standing directly in from of him.  Kiba stared at the man in front of him and was taken by surprise when he was pushed onto his back, his bedsheets engulfing his body. Sai then trailed his hand down Kiba’s bare chest and proceeded to unbutton the boys’ trousers.  Pulling them off, Sai’s expression proved starving when his eyes found the growing bulge in Kiba’s boxer briefs. 

Kiba looked away, his body was so sensitive… he didn’t understand what was going on.  A peach flush spread acrossed his face as he followed Sai’s gesture, removing his underpants; now he lay completely nude.  

Sai stayed silent, and pulled a bottle of lube out of Kiba’s side table.  Emptying a portion onto his index finger, he aligned it at the brunette’s entrance.  Kiba stared at his friend, and gave him a nod of approval, and was slowly entered.  Kiba threw his head back as he winced in pain, but was suddenly countered with a rush of pleasure originating from his groin.  He brought his eyes back to Sai, who he saw had taken Kiba’s length into his mouth all at once.  Kiba’s heartbeat began to quicken as Sai bobbed his head up and down, and soon added another finger to Kiba’s hole.

Kiba whined in pain and pleasure, he had never felt this good before.  He was still a virgin, and the only one to enter him was… him.   Through his half closed lids, he saw the expression claiming Sai’s face.  It was devious, and he seemed to enjoy the sight of the squirming brunettes’ muscular body.  Sai still didn’t say a word…

Making a scissoring motion, Sai to quickened his pace, causing Kiba to moan louder, and louder until he began to see stars; Sai had found his prostate.  Thrusting his long, nimble fingers against the mound, he pulled at Kiba faster causing him to groan loudly.  Finally reaching his peak, tears welled up in Kiba’s eyes as he screamed in ecstasy.  Sai moved both of his hands as fast as he could, causing spurts of white to shoot onto his mouth, the brunette could feel his friend drinking down the warm liquid as it came out of his member.  Kiba panted heavily, and stared back at the dark haired boy.

Kiba began to drift asleep, happiness spreading across his body.  He stole one last look at Sai, and was met with a sweet smile, followed by a kiss on the forehead.  His eyes finally shut, and he drifted into dreamland.


An hour and a half later, Kiba found himself still lying in his bed.  When he shifted, he felt a familiar jolt trail down to his groin. He felt that his hand was griped around his member, and his arm, which was now asleep, pinned under his back.  The white liquid that he had remembered to have been happily drank by his dark haired accomplice seemed to be sticking his bottom of his bedsheets.  Was I just… imagining that?  Kiba thought this to himself as he fought back the tears that desired access to his eyes.  He heard his mother enter the house… not wanting to see her at the moment, he stepped into the shower, and locked the door behind him.  He knew she wouldn’t bother him here, and he just sat at the bottom of the porcelain crevice, staring at the streams of water coming out of the shower head.